Orijen Regional Red

Orijen Regional Red
Item# Orijen Regional Red - 29.7 lbs

Product Description

ORIJEN’s REGIONAL RED is a Biologically Appropriate food that replicates the same rich and diverse balance of fresh meats, fruits, vegetables and grasses that dogs would encounter in their natural environment.

Loaded with premium red meats, ORIJEN’s REGIONAL RED is made with high inclusions of wild boar, lamb, heritage pork and bison—all raised ‘free-range’ within our region, passed ‘fit for human consumption’ and delivered FRESH each day.

Free of inappropriate grains and carbohydrates, ORIJEN’s REGIONAL RED features regional fruits and vegetables including russet potatoes & black currants from local prairie farms, apples & cranberries from the interior orchards, and organic sea vegetables from the North Pacific tidal range.

Caught off Vancouver Island, fresh (never frozen) salmon provide a superb source of Omega-3 (DHA and EPA) that support a vibrant skin and hair coat,—your dog’s outer symbol of health and vitality.

Bridging the gap between good nutrition and peak health, ORIJEN’s veterinarian selected botanicals include sweet fennel, dandelion root & peppermint leaf—all of which mirror the natural instinct to forage for grasses and weeds while serving to nourish and tone the digestive tract.