Chuck-it Jr. Launcher

Chuck-it Jr. Launcher
Item# Chuck-it Jr. Launcher

Product Description

Made of lightweight, durable plastic, the Chuckit! Ball Launchers use either a standard-size tennis ball, the Ultra Ball, Specialty Ball Fanatics® OR especially for small dogs, the Chuckit! Mini with smaller Mini Tennis Balls. Chuck It! Tennis balls of all sizes have an extra thick rubber core for hours of hard use. The Ultra Ball is a high bounce, high buoyancy, durable Natural Rubber Ball that outplays all others. These ball launchers are all designed for hands-free pickup... so you NEVER have to bend down and pick up a slimy ball again.

Features: No slobber, hands-free pick-up. Easily throws up to three times as far! Exercise your Dog in a fraction of the time! Measure from 21 to 26 inches in length. Assorted colors. Color shipped varies. Sorry, Color Requests can not be Accommodated.